If the AW15 menswear shows were cocktails

20 January 2015

Last week I had the rather lucky job of working backstage at London Collections: Men with the real-life walking hair gods that are the TONI&GUY International Art Team.

As well as checking out the Autumn/Winter ‘15 hair trends, I was obviously daydreaming a lot about booze (because, January) and as I admired the best of the menswear collections I couldn’t help but wonder what each show would be if it were a cocktail. THAT’S JUST HOW MY BRAIN WORKS.

So, without further ado, here are the four AW15 shows I enjoyed the most and the drinks to match them…

Baartmans & Siegel

This was my favourite show and the easiest to match to a cocktail. The design vibe was a seductive blend of 70s pornstars and playboys meets 90s trainspotting skinheads. 

There were big furs. There were shell suits. There were whiter than white Le Coq Sportif trainers. There were tinted sunglasses. There were crimping irons.


With the playboy/porny vibe that the 70s boys were rocking it seems only fair to go all Boogie Nights and suggest a Porn Star Martini as the complementary drink of choice for this show.

I’m always staggered when I meet people who aren’t accustomed to the joy of a Porn Star but it’s a heady mix of vodka, passion fruit liqueur, vanilla and fresh passion fruit with a lovely shot of Champagne on the side. Sexy stuff. And the good news? You can get one across all Late Night London bars.


When I interviewed Patrick Grant he described his AW15 E.Tautz collection in four words as “soot, cobbles, decay and pigeons”. Picture the sons of 50s workmen getting ready for a Friday night out in the Northern towns of old and you’ll be half way there.

Let’s be realistic for a minute that these likely lads probably wouldn’t be sugary sweet cocktails drinkers, but I’m going to suggest an alcoholic pairing that’s both very British and very simple - the No.1 from Forge. FEW Rye Whiskey, an entire Granny Smith apple (pulverised to oblivion, obvs) and a splash of soda water makes up the No.1. I’d happily share my apples with an E.Tautz boy.

Hardy Amies

Mount Snowdon was the inspiration starting point for the Hardy Amies collection and the resulting looks were for the kind of adventurer whose just spent a day mountain climbing and then had to quickly change into a tux. So, in other words, it was effing fantastic.

So what would our well-tailored adventurer be drinking? Well if we’re sticking with the great outdoors idea it seems only right that we should throw some dandelions and berries into the mix. I’m going to suggest this collection is paired with Grace Bar’s Dandelion & Blackberry Collins which sees Jameson Irish Whiskey shaken with blackberry puree, crème de mure and lemon juice served long and topped with dandelion and burdock. Perfection, just like the collection.


The Aquascutum show was beyond delightful. I very nearly stole a jumper on my way out. Exploration and adventure was a theme once again but this was still a gentlemanly look that I’d implore any young man to aspire to. The classic trench was there of course, but it was the knitwear that truly stood out for me.

The Aquascutum man has all the nods to ‘classic British gent’ whilst still being an individual with that whole ‘done but undone’ edge. So for that reason I am choosing a whisky based cocktail: the No.42 at Forge. This drink sees Glenfiddich 12 yr, Poire William, sugar syrup and peach bitters come together for a twist on an Old Fashioned that’s anything but old fashioned. Very special.

Inspired to get your cocktail on? Download your 50% off all food and booze in January voucher here. See you at the bar!

Poppy Dinsey Late Night London

Poppy Dinsey

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