Forge Turns 1

22 July 2015

We’re gonna party like it’s their birthday & YOU are invited. Forge, London’s premier vibrant nightclub is celebrating its first birthday this month. Whoop! And what fun would a birthday be without a party?

Well it wouldn’t be a good one that’s for damn sure.

The theme is Fire and Ice, but don’t worry, this will be less Game of Thrones and more selfies on phones. Forge is pulling out all the stops. You’ll find wonderous sights to take in, and by take in we mean Instagram, they’ll be an ice sculpture and lively showgirls prancing around Forge like it’s 1999. And what seperates the good parties from the great? Prizes. The first 365 guests will receive a shiny free drinks token to use on a birthday cocktail. PS. Look out for the cigarette girls handing out candies, or ahem - the host of hunky barmen making cocktails on the go. Or how about domino falling shot glasses at the bar? We couldn’t make this up if we tried. 

This is a party so nice we’re celebrating it twice. Be free Thursday 30th or Friday 31st of July, or both! Doors open at 6pm. Undoubtedly, this is an event not to be missed, so make sure you get on the guestlist to avoid disappointment. 

The Editor

The Editors

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