The Foundation Summer Sale

1 July 2015

Summer sales don’t have to mean beating off other enraged customers for half-price jumpers in June, or waiting in flustering queues for hours on end. In fact, for Foundation Bar, summer sales conjure up more pleasant imagery.

Do you see yourself sipping on a Blueberry and Chilli Mojito or a Fizzazle? Perhaps you’re surrounded by a group of friends, all lapping up the sunshine? No? Well now you will.

Foundation Bar have redefined summer sales. No longer will you be scared by Black Friday type horrors. In fact, summer sales are now all about gossiping about your exes Instagram pics with the girls, or partying the night away with colleagues for cheap. Cheap, but messy. How do you get such great deals? I hear you ask. All you need to do to get amazing discounts is get a voucher. Simples. *Meerkat kissing noise*

Simply get your voucher HERE and your cocktails ready for an unforgettable summer at Foundation Bar.

The Editor

The Editors

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