Scarlet Has A Secret

21 July 2015

She’s at it again; the talk of the town. Always mischevious with a glint in her eyes. This time, though, she has a secret.

You certainly can’t miss Scarlet’s. Lavish yet understated, in the centre of town, as you’ll find this fabulous hotspot likes to be at the centre of attention. And with all that attention seeking, it’s no wonder that a secret or two may have been rumoured in whispers over time. 

Like most sercrets… we’re not known for keeping them in too long. It’s just not good for the soul. Spilling secrets is best done over a drink with friends. So grab a glass and cheers because we’re divulging the goods. 

Scarlet’s is having a secret exclusive boozy happy hour. But you’ll need a secret code. Enter your new favourite codeword: Balloon. Sidle up to the bar in Scarlet’s and just like Bond, James Bond, slyly utter ‘Balloon’ in a hushed tone to receive 50% of your cocktails, or bottles of wine and prosecco, between 5-8pm. PS. Remember to include your best Sean Connery voice. 

So, we guess the secret’s out and let’s be honest, we’re trusting you not to keep it.


The Editor

The Editors

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