Something For The Weekend - Topshop

24 July 2015

As the weather is hideous there's no point doing a full edit of swimwear, even if holidays do still loom on the horizon for some.

I'm going to look towards the new season now and as everything transitional is beginning to drop at Topshop, I've dedicated this entire shopping edit to their latest arrivals.

Sure, I'd like to be swanning about in a kaftan fuelled only by 99s, but I am getting excited by leather pencil skirts and three quarter length sleeves too.

Happy shopping!


1. Dress - £46

Glam 70s loveliness for RIGHT ABOUT NOW. 

Buy here.

2. Skirt - £40

Nope, this pic isn't from behind, the split is at the front adding maximum fashion points.

Buy here.

3. Mini Skirt - £110

Your mum wouldn't be impressed if you spent that much on such a small piece of fabric but hey, she doesn't need to know.

Buy here.

4. Top - £30

Adjustable for your enjoyment.

Buy here.

5. Boots - £85

Oh god is it boot season already?! Still, if they're this hot then I'm not complaining.

Buy here.

6. Bag - £85

Put a tassel on it and I will buy it.

Buy here.

7. Culottes - £36

You may not have realised that you need these in your life, but you do.

Buy here.

8. Playsuit - £48

Not just for festivals.

Buy here.

9. Jumpsuit - £95

Not cheap but very chic. I am convinced it would suit all skin tones.

Buy here.

10. Swimsuit - £36

Because it IS only July. Believe it or not.

Buy here.

Poppy Dinsey Late Night London

Poppy Dinsey

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