20 Brilliant Things to do in London

24 June 2015

We love a list, don’t you? Especially a list that basically plans your entire summer, right? We have the full breakdown of what you need to get up to.

Grab your friends, family, partner and start mapping out your summer in London! Thank us later.

20 Brilliant Things to do In London This Summer

1. Picnic in the park
Kensington Gardens or Hyde Park, West London is the place to picnic

2. Dinner on the Thames 
Along or on it, the choice is yours!

3. Late nights out with friends  
Central locations like Mabel’s or Foundation and the city locations like Bury Court or The Sterling ensure you’ll have one of those side splitting good times with your pals.

4. London Eye
Be a tourist in your own city. Book a trip up as the sun sets.

5. Bike Ride
Hop on one of those Boris bikes you’ve seen around London!

6. Rugby World Cup
Rugby is coming to London, make the most of it by joining in the fun.

7. Outdoor Movies
We love movies. We love outside. Put them together for a warm summer night watching a film and we may have found perfection.

8. The Shard
Pop up to the top and open a bottle of bubbly. 73 floors up doesn’t scare you does it? 

9. Rooftop bars
Lounge outside on rooftop bars, Madison’s, The Boundary, Aqua.

10. Throw a BBQ 
Host at yours or mooch off a mate’s garden space

11. Flowery cocktails
Stay in on a rainy day, we know a few spots… try Scarlet’s in Covent Garden

12. Pool Day
In case you didn’t know, if you fancy a dip, head to Hyde Park’s The Serpentine Lido

13. Festivals
LoveBox and Wireless are among some of the one day festivals to hit the London parks.

14. Outdoor Markets
Everything fresh, local and homemade. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

15. The Globe Theatre
Again, it’s one of those things you’ve been meaning to do for ages. Go experience the culture!

16. Beer gardens
They are all over London, and they make for an excellent Saturday activity. Alternatively, there are fab venues that feature outdoor spaces, like Strawberry Moons.

17. Walks by the canals
Take a stroll through Camden and Little Venice on a hot summer day.

18. Climb the O2
Face your fear of heights and take on the physical challenge.

19. Street Food Fests
Plenty to choose from, we love the Street Feast happening in Dalston.

20. Go big or go boat!
Ditch the underground for a ride along the Thames, your tube pass is good to go!

The Editor

The Editors

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