Cooler Than Cocktails

23 June 2015

Alcoholic popsicles are cooler than regular drinks… Literally. You’re in a club. A regular dimly lit affair; a pounding base line, your favourite little black dress and a cohort of your fifty closest friends sucking on alcoholic popsicles. Yes, you read that right.

Alcoholic. Popsicles. We’ve combined our favourite English summer pastimes – drinking and ice cream. There is a fantastic variety of flavours. Suckle on a Mojito pop, or lick up a Gin & Tonic with a cucumber surprise in the middle. Here are some reasons why alcoholic popsicles are the only thing to have in your mouth this summer: 

1. A welcome dancefloor cooler
Along with twerking and kale, iced drinks are so 2014. This summer it’s all about grabbing a refreshing popsicle to fuel your awesome dance moves.  Keep your body temperature down so you can party all night.

2. A quick refreshment
Had enough of waiting in a queue for the bartender to mix drinks? Now you’re only one ripped wrapper away from delicious paradise. 

3. Better Instagram photos
Have you been waiting for a legitimate excuse to pout in your pictures? Introducing the alcoholic popsicle. Now all you need to do is pick between X-Pro and Valencia.

4. You can’t spill your popsicle
Okay, so you might get sticky fingers, but you won’t be spilling Pinot Noir all over your new cream Valentino heels.

5. Served at all Late Night London bars
Head on down to Scarlet’s or The Sterling to get refreshed and a little bit tipsy… okay so A LOT tipsy. These pops pack quite the punch.

The Editor

The Editors

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