The Popsicles Are Here!

11 June 2015

Summer is here! We are rejoicing by lounging in the sun, going on holidays, and indulging in our late night treats. Whether that be a cocktail here or a cool sweet treat thereā€¦ and we thought, how could we further improve upon this grand indulgence?

Could there be a better way to combine all of your favourite things? Yes. Yes there is. May we boldly present to you, cocktail popsicles!

We’ve created such a wonder that will revolutionise the way you spend your summers, an actual alcohol filled popsicle. All the best flavours of your favourite classic cocktails combined to create the ultimate heat blaster. The alcoholic popsicle. Or should we say popsicles... We’re bringing you three flavours of alcoholic pops to enjoy this summer. 

A Mojito pop, complete with an actual sliver of fresh lime inside; a Gin & Tonic pop filled with a slice of cucumber, and a Grey Goose and Perrier popsicle. 

This trifecta is an absolute to add to your summer must-list. Let’s get pop-sicling. Available in ALL Late Night London bars, all you need to do is find your favourite bar here and book today. 

PS. There's limited stock so you need to get in quickly!

The Editor

The Editors

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