June Hot List

4 June 2015

It's finally JUNE! A proper summer month! See ya later, May, we're on to the good stuff now. London can't promise you a solid month of sunny skies but she can guarantee lots of fabulous things to get up to.

Here are a few of our fave things to see, eat, drink and do this month in our fair capital...


Pretend to be at Glastonbury, but in a civilised city dweller way. 

If you want a day of Glastonbury fun but on a roof terrace in London without any portaloo dramaz, you need Alt-Glastonbury at Oval Space. Taking place all day on Saturday the 27th of June, there'll be screenings of the main acts as well as live music from some of Oval Space's fave bands. More info here.

Head to Hyde Park for musical greatness from Blur, The Who and The Strokes. 

The Taylor Swift date has sold out (natch) but there are still tickets for the other great British Summer Time gigs this month at Hyde Park. Whether you want to see Kylie, Paul Weller or just sing-a-long to Frozen, you're bound to find a line-up to suit you. 18th-28th June, tickets and more info here.

Remember Father's Day on June 21st! 

Extra points if you can find a card which isn't about football/beer/farting (a.k.a the only things dads are interested in, according to card manufacturers). The card above is £2.50 from Paperchase.


A movie at the Pillow Cinema. 

I know, just writing 'pillow cinema' makes me feel like we've reached peak London silliness, but I quite like the idea of watching a good film al fresco snuggled up on a giant beanbag...so I'm including it here. You can bring your own boozy picnic and there are various classic and new releases showing this month (and some great ones next month too if you want to book early) but I think I'll give the Fifty Shades screening a miss. I know this is supposed to be London's cosiest cinema....but how cosy will it get?! Obviously the Pillow Cinema is in Shoreditch, you can see listings and buy tickets (£12.50ish per person) here.

A tiger prowl at twilight...without leaving Regent's Park. 

If you've ever wanted to experience the magic of London Zoo after-hours (i.e when the animals are being particularly awesome) then you're in luck as the Sunset Safari is back from the 5th June until the 17th July 2015. As the sun goes down over London you can join more than 750 animal species from around the world, with talks, entertainment and street food a-plenty. Advance tickets are available to buy now (£20.80 for adults) and you can find more info and booking details here.

The opera in Trafalgar Square...for free. 

BP Summer Screens is back and on June the 10th at 7.30pm you can watch a live screening of La Boheme from The Royal Opera House. Obviously sitting on the paving slabs and cobbles of Trafalgar Square isn't the comfiest, so bring a blanket or a cushion (no chairs permitted) and settle in for a night of world class operatic entertainment....without spending a penny. No need to book but do get there early for the best spots, more info here


Enjoy a toasted sandwich or five as part of Grilled Cheese Tuesdays. 

The toasted sandwiches at Mabel's have gone down so well that there's now an entire day dedicated to them...I KNEW there was a reason I loved Mabel's. That picture above is making me seriously hungry, so much so that I'm going to go to Mabel's after work tonight and get me one of these bad boys. If you haven't been to Mabel's yet, go. Table booking, menus and more info here

All the porridge goodness at the aptly named Porridge Cafe. 

Forget the Cereal Killer Cafe, fancy porridge is where it's really at. Luckily for those in Victoria, posh porridge is now readily available at The Porridge Cafe...but only til the 19th of June, so be quick! Located at 16 Terminus Place (just outside the station, basically) you can find bowls of goodness like the above - that's gluten free porridge oats topped with banana, chopped Kinder Schoko Bons and cranberry powder, FYI - for as little as £3.50. Find more info (and sexy porridge pics) on their Facebook page.

Seaside treats at Camden's very own Beach Hut. 

The press picture above is illustrative I'm sure (they can't actually expect you to eat peas off of sand, surely?!) but fish and chips aside, the main reason I'm excited about the York & Albany's 'Beach Hut' pop-up is their array of summery desserts. There's banana splits, raspberry custard doughnuts and a D.I.Y ice-cream machine offering soft serve scoops of strawberry cheesecake with candy floss and caramel popcorn. GET ME THERE ALREADY! Open every day but reservations are a good idea, more info here


Scarlet's is now OPEN. Get yourself down there! 

As if the launch of Mabel's wasn't exciting enough, her sassy and sophisticated sister has now opened up down the road in Covent Garden. Head to the official house warming party on the 11th of June or just go after work tonight for cocktails, for lunch tomorrow, for brunch this weekend... Menus and booking details here.

Raise a cocktail to Pride. 

This year's Pride Parade is on the 27th of June and we're sure the party will continue well into the night at Shadow Lounge. Watch this space for updates.

Bursting juice balls (nicer than they sound). 

It's hard to convince a Bubble Tea virgin that you'd want juicy balls to pop in your mouth (ahem) but once you've experienced it, they're rather moreish. God knows how you'd ever make such balls yourself, but you can now buy them to add to your own iced teas and cocktails at home. Firebox sell a bumper pack of five flavours (green apple, lychee, passion fruit, blueberry and strawberry) for £17.99. GIMME GIMME GIMME. Buy here.

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