Overheard On The Tube

16 June 2015

The 21 things you never thought you'd hear on the tube... Oh, London tube, you may be hell on earth at times (read: most times) but other times you're one hell of an entertaining place.

1 - "So he said to me, can you read Chinese? And I said, no, I'm Japanese! You'd think he know that, we been together six months!"

2 - Judging by his appearance and the sound of his cough, I can only assume the man next to me on the central line for 20 minutes had the plague.

Not contagious is it?

3 - "It's something vegetarians eat that doesn't have any flavour at all. Only vegetarians eat it."

Woman explaining tofu to her children.

4 - "I was wiping my bum for so long this morning."

5 - Oh I do love a backpack. Especially back and forth in my face for 15 minutes.

6 - "I bang one out a lot. At least 5 times a week."

They were talking about workouts at the gym...but, you know, I still laughed.

7 - "Vancouver is my favourite city in the world. There are so many fit birds there! And they're all really easy."

8 - Oh dear, Sir, you seem to have confused my back with some kind of newspaper rest, put there to facilitate your reading during rush hour.

9 - "You're not the only Argentinian person in the world though."



10 - "Is she from wealth?"

"No, she's from Bristol."

11 - People with suitcases:

"It's 9.40. How did that happen?"

"It's because the flight was delayed."

"No it wasn't!"

"It was half an hour late on a 2 hour flight!"

"That's on time for Ryan Air!"

12 - Posh girl: "Err, it was disgusting! Her shoes were from PRIMARK!"

Posh friend laughs.

Girl next to them slyly moves Primark bag with shoes poking out of it away.

13 - "Sometimes I think I like him and sometimes I think I hate him. Basically, the sex is good. The rest of the time he's an idiot."

14 - "Australia's biggest problem is that it's such a sporty country there are too many PE teachers."

Definitely Australia's biggest problem.

15 - "This is a customer announcement. Could passengers please be careful of the uneven surfaces on platform 2. This is due to recently completed improvement works."

16 - Husband and wife (presumably) standing on crowded rush-hour tube.

Wife to husband: "This is the most sexual content we've had in 8 years!"

17 - "We'll cook breakfast back at mine."

"What have you got?"


18 - Son : "I saw it with Amy"

Dad: "Who's Amy, your girlfriend?"

Son: "Errrrrrr, no. Have you got a girlfriend?"

Dad: "Your Mum's my girlfriend."

Son: "Your Mum is your girlfriend??"

Dad: "No, YOUR Mum is my girlfriend."

Son: "Errrrr, Dad, don't even say that."

Dad: "Why?"

Son: "I love my Mum, but I hate girlfriends!"

19 - "I really wanna live in Australia"

"Oh, it's really difficult to get a Visa, you know"

"What's that?"

Something tells me you haven't thought this plan through....

20 - Teenagers' deep and meaningful: "I really wanna work in an office. Cos I wanna wear office clothes."

21 - "When was the last time you had any fruit or veg?"

...long pause...

"I had some baked beans two days ago"

The Editor

The Editors

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