Bumping On Your Stereo

17 March 2015

Featuring the hottest new album, new track, Spring break anthem and classic dancefloor filler...

Hottest New Album: Madonna “Rebel Heart”

Just went you thought she was done, finished and over, the Queen of Reinvention is back again. Love her or hate her, Madonna’s latched onto the hottest producers to create her best album since the Stuart Price helmed “Confessions on a Dancefloor”. Since her early releases with Jellybean Benitez, Ms Ciccone has a gift for plucking the best studio talent to hone her sound and this album is no exception with a roll call of producers from EDM prince Avicci to golden boy Diplo. Choice track is “Living For Love” for the big dancefloor moment

Hottest New Track: Kygo ft Conrad “Firestone”

So I am on the fence on this one; I’ve been told by some serious music insiders that this is “the name to watch”, “the track of the summer” and 100 million listens on Spotify definitely commands attention and yet, as Mr Nick “Tastemaker” Grimshaw describes it “I’d like it if it was a track on Super Mario Cart”…the synth chorus line has a plinky plonk sound that will either envelope you in a happy summery feel or leave you feeling a small leprechaun has tapped danced on your tongue, you decide…. 

Classic Dancefloor Filler: Britney Spears “Toxic”

Yes you want it, you know you shouldn’t but you do. It’s the video of Britney of in various skin tight outfits; good Britney in sparkly white, bad Britney in biker leathers and of course air stewardess Britney *sigh*  plus a rhythmic dancefloor anthem which after two vodka, lime and sodas is irresistible. Get up and shake it ladies, Vegas style.

Spring Break Anthem: Dj Snake ft Lil Jon “Turn Down For What”

Back again and remixed for 2014 that just won’t go away! This is a huge banger to set the club on fire and in true Spring Break style, the video is twerked up, boob expanding madness as everyone bounces of the walls. We may not have the Miami Spring Break sunshine but we know how to party; line up those shots and turn it up!

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