Cocktail Trends

5 March 2015

We are 2 months down in 2015 and we are throwing out some more ideas around coming cocktail trends that could possibly sweep the country. From a sugar-less summertime to questionable sea creature catastrophes, we have some cocktail sensations that you might (or might not) become familiar with this year.

Bottled it.

We have all seen the premixed supermarket cocktails that are ready and available and ... well a bit cheap. Meet the new and improved concept of bottled cocktails, where you have a high quality, perfectly measured cocktail, shaken, bottled and ready to go; whether they will be nestled in a hotel mini fridge or being served in one of your favourite local cocktail bars. Making the most popular cocktails in batch saves on time and can make for a much more efficient bar. It’s also the perfect opportunity to experience a high-end, deliciously mixed drink at home. Yes you may miss a bit of the artistry of the cocktail master at work, but who really wants to wait for 20 minutes to get their cocktail of choice when the end of happy hour is nigh?

See Ya later, Sugar!

Most of the cocktails served in bars are just too sweet for our 2015 tastes, combine this with the health conscious among us becoming more aware of what they’re putting into their body (damn those Dry January folk). Healthy cocktails, low in fat and low sugar are going to be more and more common with exciting alternatives out there as we aim for a more complex flavour using bitter liquors that will help curb any cravings for sugar.

Super Foodie.

Savour cocktails will add a new dimension to bars as we head into 2015 as bar tenders work much closer with kitchens. We can expect to see some Beetroot, this is one superfood that is packed with goodness and adds a kick of colour to any cocktail creation. Last year was all about Kale, the new (at the time) superfood that managed to jump on every bandwagon available, including into a few cocktails. Well this is the year of the cauliflower ... so should we prepare to make way for some interesting vegetable cocktails … I’ll have mine with a dash of cheese sauce please!

Down and Dirty with a Disco Drink.

We don’t head to cocktail bars because we’re desperate to sit in a row and talk in hushed tones, respecting the ‘edginess’ or ‘class’ of the establishment. Cocktails are supposed to bright, beautiful and bloody delicious. This is why this year will see a trend in the move away from pretentious, stuffy establishments and back to a drinking culture that revolves around open, enjoyment and fun … bringing back the shots.

And a surprise from down under…

We’re not sure whether this is going to hit our bars in 2015, but we were recently made aware of a bar in Sydney, Oz that served food flavoured cocktails … complete with food as ornament. Picture this – a murky, purple-grey, thick looking liquid … with an octopus tentacle hanging out of the glass (draping across the table top). Fascinating … but I don’t think the Great British folk are quite ready for that one on a Thursday night after work.

Well, if this doesn’t sound like the best possible way to see in the spring we honestly don’t know how to please you.

The Editor

The Editors

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