Drink Your Chocolate This Easter

31 March 2015

So you probably know that we take drinking pretty seriously around here and we know what a good cocktail looks like.

You may not know that we are huge (HUGE!) fans of Easter (mmm chocolatey goodness, mmmm chocolatey goodness) and to celebrate two things we are big fans of we thought we would give you a couple of ideas on how you can get them ‘a deaux’ (that’s French for together).

First on our list of not to be missed little yummies is the bountiful Terry’s Chocolate Orange Martini, a rich blend of exquisite orange chocolate and Vodka that perfectly places you somewhere between drinks and desert with every sip. The ideal balance of sweet and zesty this little number somehow avoids being sickly, excellent news as you know one would never be enough. Available at Foundation and her cool city sister Core throughout Easter we are salivating just writing about it.

Next up is the Chocoberry Martini, another fruity chocolate concoction with oodles of Vodka. Imagine a fruit and nut bar seamlessly laced with alcohol and you are half way to understanding the power of the Chocoberry. Combining raspberry’s and chocolate to create that effortless sweet-but-tart tasting mix the only problem is stopping yourself from consuming the whole bar – definitely a creation to break lent for if ever there was one. Luckily The Last, The Gable and The Sterling have promised us they will not be running out! 

Last but not least we have the chocolate concoction that we are perhaps best known for, the infamous Crème Egg Mojito that two short Easters ago changed the way you think about ‘how do you eat yours?’ We know you know the deal with this one, there’s rum, chocolate and fondant and a staggering number of calories – oh well the best things in life often come at a price – what’s not to love? Back by continuously popular demand and unlikely to disappoint you in any circumstance in homage to all of the imitators out there who tried to do it as well but just couldn’t – Jewel Piccadilly will mix you up the original. 

Well, that’s Easter all sewn up – wait until you see what we have for you this summer…

The Editor

The Editors

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