Complimentary Masterclasses

19 March 2015

One of the most exciting editions to our Bury Court offering will be the introduction of our Spirit Emporium taking us from masters of wine to Jacks of all spirits – well not quite but the pun seemed fun.

In actual fact rather than being Jacks of all spirits we have carefully designed bespoke palate maps to help you understand the nuances of your taste buds and your preferences for different flavours relating to your choice of spirits. 

On the list of masterclasses to come we have both Gin and Whiskey with a range of dates, one of which is bound to suit your busy calendars. So don’t miss the opportunity to see what has happened behind closed doors at Bury Court this week and also learn a little something extra about how to pick the perfect Gin or Whiskey or both to make sure that you are the belle of the spirit ball.

We look forward to seeing you very soon at our new and improved Bury Court – we have a whole host of other surprises for you too, watch this space.

Find out more and book one or more complimentary masterclasses HERE.

The Editor

The Editors

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