New Look Bury Court

18 March 2015

In the blink of an eye something can change and never be the same again. In this instance we are speaking cryptically about the recent reopening of Bury Court – exciting times that we live in folks.

So what exactly is occurring behind the currently closed doors of our cherished Bury Court? An interesting question you pose and one that we are finally at liberty to discuss.

So what's new? Well a refreshed menu with some delectable treasures that you are certain to enjoy. Offering light bites and lunchtime snacks to fuel you for the day to come without leaving you overloaded, including a delectable Lemon Crab Salad, fresh sandwiches and a rich Creamed Goats Cheese Salad. Heartier fair is also on the table for later in the day with sizeable cuts of the finest meats, traditional British classics like creamy Fish Pie and modern fusion favourites including Tumeric Panko Chicken.

Renowned for its heritage wine list we have extended our extensive prestige collection of premium wines to include expertly selected spirts for pre and post-dinner enjoyment. The newly broadened Emporium menu will host a wide selection of high-end gins for the perfect cocktail or aperitif alongside several hand-picked, blended and single malt whiskeys and luxury after-dinner fortified wines to compliment any dining experience. Not sure how to navigate this new collection of untold delights? We have designed a rigorous system to help you find the perfect spirit to compliment your palate preferences so that your delicate, lightly floral whiskey tastes need never be neglected again.  

Open throughout the day and with spaces to cater to all party sizes Bury Court is everything the city has been missing with a grown-up menu offering mixed drinks made to perfection, ultra-premium spirits on the rocks and a range of delectable dishes that will leave you wondering how and what to order.

The Editor

The Editors

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