A Monday night trip to Foundation

4 March 2015

After I wrote my March Hot List yesterday I was struck down with a desperate need to try ALL THE THINGS. Okay not *all* the things, even I can't manage a drive-in movie, river race, 70s themed dinner party and yoga class all in one evening.

But I can enjoy cocktails. And Happy Meals. 

So I headed off to Covent Garden in search of new cocktail menu greatness at Foundation.

I was not disappointed.

For my first drink I wanted to try one that didn't quite make the March Hot List but one that I knew would be a great 'welcome to your evening' tipple. I was hot and bothered from wrestling the Central Line at rush hour with too many layers on so I wanted a long and refreshing drink...and the Bitch Slap was perfect for that.

The Bitch Slap sees Bombay Sapphire Gin infused with lemongrass and then slapped together with elderflower, lemons, a splash of soda and ice. It's alarmingly drinkable (I guzzled it down) and the perfect refresher before your night begins.

I looked for a place to sit and luckily every corner of Foundation is suitably inviting, I would happily take this retro chair home. If I thought I could carry it down the stairs of Covent Garden tube I just might have....

My favourite Scandi beauty Ellen joined me and I made it very clear that we had to try the Sharks Tale next.


The Sharks Tale is a gorgeously bright blue mix of Absolut Vanilla Vodka and Blue Curaçao merged with Passoa and peach bitters. A dash of vanilla syrup topped up with ginger ale finishes this naughty drink, before some jelly sharks go for a swim in it. 

It's a lot of fun and I was sad that I couldn't reach the last jelly shark at the bottom to gobble him up. (I did consider emptying the ice cubes on to the table but having already had four of his brother sharks, I decided I didn't 'need' another).

Keeping with the sweet theme we then tried the lovely Jelly Beanz.

I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting to be the biggest fan of this drink but it turned out to be my second fave drink of the evening (I saved the best til last). It was zingier than I expected and it turns out that I REALLY like chewing on pomegranate jelly beans whilst sipping a cocktail. Who knew?

As for what's in it, the Jelly Beanz cocktail is a mix of Southern Comfort and peach liqueur shaken with blackcurrant jam, cranberry and lime juice. Really special if you like cranberry and lime as much as I do.

We needed some food by this point, so it was the perfect excuse to try the Happy Meal I'd read so much about.

Ellen had the cheeseburger whilst I opted for the very very yummy spinach and falafel burger. The brioche bun slathered with tzatziki was just DELISH.

I also don't think I can overstate how fun it is to eat chips from a box.

The Happy Meal gets a massive thumbs up from me.

For my last beverage of the evening (it was a Monday night, after all) I had a #Selfie.

Yep, that's a photo of us on the side! I can't say I've ever had a cocktail which comes complete with a pic of myself.

But aside from the photographic fun, this was the nicest cocktail I've had in SO long. It's rich and it's indulgent and you know it's not one to necessarily put into MyFitnessPal, but zomfg it's just THE BEST.

This is the perfect blend of Stoli chocolate raspberry vodka, white chocolate and raspberry liqueurs, milk, fresh raspberries and egg white. It's all shaken together and double strained to create an exceedingly fluffy cocktail. 

It was the stuff dreams are made of.

I went home a very happy girl and pleased to have ticked off some my March Hot List objectives so early into the month. 

Follow in my footsteps and take advantage of 50% off all food and drink on Mondays at Foundation....or maybe you'd prefer 2 for 1 cocktails on Thursday nights? Or half price happy hour every night 5pm-7.30pm? Book your space here.

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