It's About Speed Flatmating

2 March 2015

So there is this website, it is called SpareRoom, we know you know what we’re talking about here – it’s amazing. Anywho, turns out that the magical website that helps you to find apartments like nobody’s business now does mixers, yes MIXERS.

What is this we speak of? Well people, this is a sort of speed-mating fandango for the flat sitchu, hells yes it is. So what does this mean exactly? Think of it precisely like speed-dating but instead of hunting for a date you are hunting for the perfect flatmate. BINGO! This certainly sounds like an amazingly speedy way to avoid all of the awkwardness that comes with hunting for a new flatmate and meeting people you are like ‘ew what is she wearing/saying/indicating’ about.

These canny little get-togethers started in Clapham (we’re told many of the best things come from the South) in 2004 and have really gone from strength to strength since then. Just because we love you and we always want you to be happy, especially with the people that you live with, we have decided to put these events on and mix up the mixers with a little Late Night London flair – watch out flatmates, we are coming for you.

The Editor

The Editors

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