Luck of the Irish

17 March 2015

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone. It may be a little late in the day and you may not actually be Irish but here is a quick rundown of must do’s on Paddy’s Day – enjoy.

1. Get Trashed On Guinness 
It might be green, it could be normal but what it most certainly is is Irish and you will need to drink several – that’s a rule. 

2. Grab A Shamrock
Stick it on anything and everything, it’s lucky.

3. Snog The Nearest Irishman/woman
This is lucky to apparently – lucky so many fun things are considered lucky by the Irish.

4. Walk Around In A Leprechaun Hat
This is so that the rest of the world can identify you as a reveller.   

5. Eat Green
This isn’t a juice thing, we are talking bread, brownies – stick green food colouring in whatever you feel like noshing and then use St Patrick’s Day as the perfect excuse to chow down. Green fried chicken anyone?

6. Sing ‘When Irish Eyes Are Smiling’
This is apaz the most Irish thing you can do all day. 

7. Find Any Item That Says Ireland And Wave It
This one is pretty obvious. 

8. Let The Rivers Run Green
If you are really feeling it then apparently dying pools and streams green is the height of Paddy’s Day chic.

9. Nosh Corned Beef And Cabbage

10. GO OUT

It’s London. It’s St Patrick’s Day. It’s March. What excuses do you need? NONE! Check out The Warwick here and Grace here if you are in the West End, and The Gable here or The Abbey here if you are out and about in the City. Irish quiz, anyone?!

The Editor

The Editors

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