The Topshop Taste Test

4 March 2015

First on the judging panel for our newly introduced taste test were the lovely ladies from Topshop who had a lunchtime gander at what’s on the menu at the ever chic Mayfair Exchange. So what was their verdict? What did Topshop make of the Mayfair Exchange?

First on the menu for diner number one was the Crab & Crayfish Cocktail to start with the Caesar Salad to follow, very health conscious indeed.

‘The starter was the winner for me’ and the above picture makes the reason behind that perfectly clear. Health was definitely at the fore of this diners mind as, when asked what feelings the meal evoked she told us ‘the memory and feeling that I’m on a diet and had to have sauce/dressing on the side and can’t order exactly what I want! Sad times!’ thanks goodness there are plenty of fresh, healthy options on the menu for you to choose from if you find yourself dining at the Exchange whilst on a diet.

Other than not being on a diet, we obviously asked our lucky taster what made a great meal and a terrible meal. The response. A great meal ‘has to look good on the plate – be photo worthy, taste delicious and leave me feeling satisfied.’ A terrible meal is always going to be ‘if it’s a mess on the plate, is unsatisfying and tastes bad. Bad service can ruin a meal for me too.’

Whilst one of our lovely Topshop ladies was on a diet she did offer us her menu selection if her last meal had to come from the Mayfair Exchange and we have to say, her choice was pretty impressive:




Despite letting us know that she is a fairly conventional diner, preferring mains to sides, liking her pudding last not first and enjoying lots of little dishes over one large one sticking to her diet whilst enjoying the run of the Exchange menu demonstrates some serious willpower. Willpower that her fellow diner didn’t need to employ.

Our second tastetester opted for the Mushrooms and Stilton on Toast to start with the Burger with Blue Cheese follow – her dining partner must have been delighted! Diner number two also selected the starter as her favourite part of the meal stating simply ‘there’s not much better in life than mushrooms and cheese’ and who can say fairer than that.

Understandably her feelings towards the meal were slightly different from her companions with nothing but ‘happiness to be eating a proper meal and something other than quick snacks – it’s been a very hectic few weeks at work with not many lunch breaks.’

Great food for this cheese fiend includes ‘exciting flavours, well-cooked and presented food, lovely wine, and great company.’ With a bad experience being ‘bland food, overpriced small portions and bad service.’ Bad service seems to be generally getting a bad rap with these two.

In contrast to her friend a ‘great selection of sides’ wins out over the main in terms of dining preferences but starter trumps desert every time. Interestingly the vote for final meal was very similar to her counterpart with only the starter, that delicious mushroom and stilton number, separating them. Goes to show that good steak really can’t be beaten.

Both agreed that the company was as good as the food with ‘a much-needed post-London Fashion Week catch up and gossip’ on the cards for this working lunch.

The Editor

The Editors

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