Welcome to Mabel's Bar & Kitchen

25 March 2015

So Covent Garden has a new and ultra-fabulous resident. Her name is Mabel and she is the liveliest lady in town, without a doubt.

Mabel’s Bar & Kitchen is inspired by travels. By exciting flavours, colours, thingling tastes. If she was an actual lady, she would be a well-travelled one. A lady of the world with secrets and mysteries that everyone wants to understand but few can. 

In celebration of her arrival in tinsel town (we do know that is what they call Hollywood but we love London so much we have decided to requisition it for the moment), we are throwing one hell of a house warming...

But wait! We are not just talking one house warming party, that is so 2014 – we are talking FOUR, yep four. Celebrations commence on Friday 27th March only to be followed by one serious party affair on Thursday 2nd April. What better way to celebrate four glorious days off? Exactly.

Then there is Friday 3rd April to truly launch the Easter weekend. Indeed, our lady will put the Good in Friday and have her third house warming on the night itself. You really can’t say fairer than that.

If you are jetting off for Easter we do have a one more option for you on Friday April 10th. You really have no excuse not to have been welcoming by then!

RSVP here for a serious night to remember, after all Mabel is a wild one.

PS. Details of Mabel's of adventures and dalliances can be found in just one place, her journal of course, and you can unlock all of her secrets using code 040785 right here

The Editor

The Editors

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