Ride With Lewis Hamilton

26 May 2015

Tube, bus, bike, cab… you name it, we’re rushing around to get there. Hey – we’re Londoner’s we can’t help our need for speed. We’ve got places to go and people to see!

So it’s only natural to assume you're a thrill seeker, are we right? We’re right.


You're fast and furious damnit. 


It's time to take your mundane travel to the next level. We’re talking the ride of your life… with racing legend and superstar himself, Lewis Hamilton. He's taken a day off from Grand Prixing around the world to kick it in London with you.

Now's your once in a lifetime chance to win the a lap around the track with good old LH. We guarantee it's the fastest you'll ever go on four wheels. But come on, he’s not going to drive around just anybody. So we’ve got the details.

At any of our LNL venues, buy a Monster cocktail, which will ensure that your pulse is racing. Then, our super-speedy bartenders will give you a code. This is essential. It’s basically your lotto ticket to sit in the passenger seat next to Lewis Hamilton. Swoon. Once you’ve got the secret code, you need to enter the code online here (www.monsterenergy.com/Hamiltonlatenightlondon). Don’t worry in the time it takes you to fill everything out, you may have already gone around for a lap on the track.


The only downside? Travel times the rest of your turtle paced life. We’re sorry.

The Editor

The Editors

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