Summer Of Wine

20 May 2015

Ah. The refreshing warmth of the summer breeze on your skin, the sky getting lighter at night, sitting and relaxing with a refreshing glass of wine… there may be nothing better. Well, alright, maybe something a little better… Happy Hour.

Everything in moderation, except for wine, because at Bury Court there is an excessive range of wines on offer. And well, they’re there for a reason, you know, consumption. Bury Court runs a phenomenal Happy Hour on from 5-7pm daily. 

With that in mind, you need a few go to options. The warm weather means that roses are in bloom. Oh, did we say roses? We meant Rose. Whether you’re seeking out a fine French or a sultry Spain, you’re spoilt for choice. A bottle of white wine after work? Yes please, where do I sign up? 

The cool, ‘it’ factor that we can’t get enough of is the choice between the Old World and New. Old World wines are your Europeans, where New World explores the globe from Australia to America and everything in between. Essentially, you can scrap the wine tour holiday and use your pounds to hit the Bury Court wine bar.
So keep your London body local, and let your palate roam the planet.

Table bookings go fast, so get yourself and your fellow World Travelling mates in…

The Editor

The Editors

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