What Your Cocktail Says About You

27 May 2015

We love a personality assessment. Who doesn’t? It’s essentially the window to your soul. Therapy without the down-payment. And wouldn’t it just be absolutely excellent to be defined by your cocktail choice?

Yes, we thought so. So read on to find out if your favourite drink fits your personality. Or if you like to mix and match, in which case, we salute you.

On the Rocks

Vodka on the rocks. Whiskey on the rocks. You are strong willed and undoubtedly have no taste buds left. You’ve scorched them all with your powerful drinking abilities. You are first in line to choose the evening’s activities and naturally, are the leader of the group text. Friends and colleagues look up to you. I mean come on, of course they do, you take your drink on the rocks. 

Something fruity

Pina Colada. Strawberry Margarita… frozen. You are happy go lucky with the teeniest hint of stress. Your friends come to you with their problems. You listen. You nod. But you’re really dreaming of a life on the beach, soaking in the seaside. Instead you battle with the sea of people on the tube daily and listen to your friends. It’s okay. Sip on your drink and escape.

Something sour

How do you even do it? Sour drinks are your thing. You are shockingly sweet, so you need them to compensate. Even out your internal balances and all that. 


Champagne for the luxurious and prosecco for the budget conscious. It doesn’t matter which you can afford, the bubbly drink choice says it all. You’re a classy individual. You are either very bold or quite reserved. Regardless, everyone agrees, you’re a knockout. 


drinking animated GIF

You work hard. Long hours. You enjoy all the wines. Red, white, and rose. It doesn’t really matter. You like a good night out and go with the line ‘wine is good for your health’ often – and we don’t disagree. 

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