Who Is Scarlet

14 May 2015

You don’t know Scarlet. Or should we say you don’t know Scarlet’s yet. Well, it’s about time we tell you more about the super tip-top secret we've been [not so good] keeping in.

You’re about to meet your new best friend and your summer fling that, you know, beats the odds and turns into a full-blown relationship carrying on even after your tan has faded. You are about to meet Scarlet. Whelp, alright then! Cat’s out of the bag! 

Ahem! Introducing the very new, Scarlet’s coming to Covent Garden! Extremely soon. In fact, so close you can almost taste it. 

The Verve is now closed and like a phoenix rising from the ashes, emerges Scarlet’s. In case you didn’t know, Scarlet’s is the sassy sister to another beloved CG (That’s Covent Garden, Londoner’s you should know your abrevs) staple, Mabel’s. But like a sassy sister, Scarlet’s is quick to catch up on the London foodie and drinks scene. A gorgeous restaurant and bar, Scarlet’s doors will open to spoil all you lovely Londonites. 

Scarlet’s is foodie and drink love at its finest and best shared over laughs with a pal. Whether it be a series of crafty cool cocktails after the heat of a hard long day or the inspired foodie menu that draws you in, Scarlet’s is undoubtedly, here to make an impact.

From boozy brunches, we recommend a few rounds of Bellinis by the way, through to your evening dinner parties with endless mains and delicious desserts; Scarlet’s has you sorted. 

I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

The Editor

The Editors

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