60 Seconds With Natasha

26 November 2015

We'd like to cordially invite you to meet the team behind the party. Meet Natasha Dowling from Late Night London's Meetings & Events team.

Q. What first excited you to work for Late Night London?

Having only joined Late Night London 2 months ago, I have hit the ground running with the run up to Christmas.  It has been really exciting to join the central team, as I previously worked at 4 of the venues underneath the Late Night London brand.  Having dealt with a lot of corporate events in venue, I thought the role was perfect for me and I am having a fantastic time.  I now have access to working with agents and the larger direct corporate accounts that you don’t get to see in venue and it has been good to step out of my comfort zone. With 45 venues to work with, each and every one of these is unique in their own way; it excites me to know that the options available to give to our clients are in abundance.

Q. How do you think the events industry will evolve over the next 5 years?

I’m convinced there are going to be robots serving drinks or orders being placed by customers themselves on built in bar iPads with machines making the drinks!  Seriously though, the events world is all about relationships.  I can see the future being more about involvement with people who really are passionate about the industry.  There are new venues opening all the time now that the recession is over.  The customer has now become more conscious of value for money.  I am convinced success will be focused on strong relationships.

The number of venues that have been completely refurbished under the Late Night London umbrella within the last year has been incredible.  Each venue is adapting to current trends and the need to fulfil clients expectation is key.

Q. If you hadn’t gone into the events industry what would you have done?

Not many people know that I’m actually a qualified hairdresser or that I’ve worked within the music industry, perhaps I might have been a hairdressing music guru!

Q. Which has been your favourite event to work on since you joined Late Night London?

Having only worked at Late Night London for 2 months, I don’t have any specific events to pin point however when I worked at the Balls Brothers Minster Court branch when they were holding one of their regular sporting events, this one had special guest Rugby legend Phil Vickery fresh from his Masterchef experience. He was in the kitchen cooking up a storm and I was one of the lucky ones able to stand back and watch!

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