Best Places in London for your Secret Santa Exchange

27 November 2015

The holidays are HERE! And you know what that means, parties, parties and more parties. Yep, tis the season to be a little too jolly with a couple of cocktails.

One of our favourite things about Christmas is the Secret Santa exchange. You’re lying to yourself if you’re not into it. Whether your group of mates exchange clever gifts that make each other laugh or seriously thoughtful gifts that bring a tear to your eye… we know what you need alongside your exchange. Mainly, a cracking great venue, with outrageously good cocktails, treats to eat and a brilliant atmosphere.

Lucky for you, we’ve done the hard work.

Here are our favourite venues to exchange your Christmas prezzies.

Mabel’s in Covent Garden

A quirky cool little spot tucked away in Covent Garden. It’s perfect for brunch or late night cocktails, you can’t go wrong. The slightly Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole vibe is great for catching up with girlfriends, and the ideal spot to order Christmas cocktails and play Secret Santa.

Foundation in Covent Garden

So we’re staying quite central (we’re accommodating at the holidays, you know) with Foundation. An underground hotspot, they’ve got outrageous cocktails ready for you to enjoy. Our fav is the #Selfie, with Stoli chocolate raspberry vodka, white chocolate and raspberry liqueur. Milk, fresh raspberries and egg white all shaken together. Obv, you must pose with your pals to enjoy it… and your new gifts!

Bar Soho in Soho

The extravagant hotspot that is Bar Soho, it’s a bar we know and love. Don’t let the plush chairs and decadent interior fool you, this is a place to party. After receiving a strange wine glass from your friend of a friend, you’ll be ready to let loose with a round of drinks and dancing. We know what you really need this Christmas.

The Sterling

You didn’t think we wouldn’t give you an in the city option did you? The base of the Gherkin building is where it’s at for exchanging your Secret Santa gifts. The Sterling, decorated for party perfection is the ideal eye catching spot… not to mention the men in suits, which is like a Christmas gift in itself, right ladies? Book a table, order a bottle of wine and tuck into what will one of your best post-work evenings.

The Editor

The Editors