Celebrate the USA with Whiskey, Wine and Everything Fine

23 November 2015

That’s right, Late Night London is being taken over by America. Don’t get too worried now, it’s all about the alcohol and less about world domination.

We’re talking Maker’s Mark, Four Roses Small Batch (which I’ve personally had while in Kentucky, so you know we’re pulling out all the authenticity here), a good old shot of Jack… and the list goes on.

Since November is the month of Thanksgiving in the good old USA, we are going to raise our glasses and hero all our American Whiskeys with a menu totally inspired by the stuff. We want YOU *Uncle Sam point* to come get educated from start to finish on the smokiest, biggest and boldest or most grainy American whiskies; and for all the fun loving cocktail and shot sippers, we have something in store for you as well.

Not only are we celebrating November with great alcohol, which is basically the best part about it all, we are holding the biggest parties in town, not neglecting the stars and stripes. While everyone is holding pay week festivities on the 27th and the 28th, Late Night London is bringing you a very bold, very bright, very AMERICAN PAY WEEK PARTY!!! (And what’s a good shin dig without the strong party juice, right?)

View our American Whiskey menu here

Explore the World of American Whiskey at:

Foundation - visit their website now

Forge - visit their website now

The Gallery - visit their website now

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