Countdown to Thanksgiving

13 November 2015

At Late Night London, Christmas is most definitely our favorite time of the year. Sure the ice skating and the gifts are great, but we love Christmas because of the feast we get to partake in.

Christmas dinner is the day we look forward to ever year because we can consume mass amounts of food and alcohol and no one can judge us (not saying we don’t do this the other 364 days of the year). But, the only downside of Christmas dinner is it only happens once a year.

That’s where Thanksgiving comes in! We love to celebrate Thanksgiving with our friends from across the pond because it gives us another excuse to eat as much food as possible in one sitting and who wouldn’t enjoy that? While a roast turkey is the main event at Thanksgiving dinner, we are all about the sides. Stuffing is hands down the best part of the meal. The crunchy bread and vegetables make for a delicious addition to Thanksgiving. We also love a good sweet potato. The holiday takes it one step further and adds melted marshmallows on top. Now that’s our kind of side dish!

The side dishes and the turkey all make for a wonderful meal, but no meal is complete without dessert. Thanksgiving is famous for pumpkin pie and all its yumminess. But, if that’s not your style, we’ve also been known to top off our meal with a mouth-watering apple pie. Because we’re already eating apple pie, we may as well have it in cocktail form too. Mabel’s in Covent Garden makes delicious Tarte Tatin which is essentially the drink version of apple pie, yum! Or check out the iconic venue at the base of the Gherkin, The Sterling for your autumnal tipple, a classic Espresso Martini with Kahlua, vodka and fresh espresso is the perfect dessert.

Thanksgiving is just 14 days away so get your stomachs ready! We know what we’re thankful for this year and it is definitely all the lovely food we get to eat in just two short weeks.