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5 November 2015

Hey ya’ll, welcome to November. A month reknowned for pumpkin pie, turkey, giving thanks, wearing knee high boots and um, drinking. Yes, it’s the American dream at its finest, cool weather and drinks to keep your toes warm. And what can we say? We like their style.

So for this month and this month only, we are taking our inspiration from our bloody fantastic friends in the West. We want to become champions of American Whiskey. Because after all, nothing is more American than a strong Jack to wash down your troubles and listen to a country song. And then another. Are we right? Hell yes we are.

For £15, you’re set to have any choice of burger and a boiler maker. What on earth is that you may ask? Well you tea loving crew, it’s a combination of the greats, a pint of draught beer followed with a shot of American Whiskey, obviously.

And if you’re feeling highly ambitious and brave. Prepare yourself for a Pickleback. Yep. It’s a shot of Jack Daniels followed by a shot of pickle juice. We couldn’t make this up if we tried. So call up your long lost friend in the states and let them know, these days you’re practically a native.

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