Something For The Weekend - Part 77

13 November 2015

This week's shopping edit has left me thinking that I may have to re-adjust my Christmas wishlist; I want to wait til the big day itself for the lovely fur jacket from Topshop but I also want to WEAR IT RIGHT NOW. What's a girl to do?

I tend to subscribe to the school of "if you want it, buy it" so I can't imagine I'll be particularly patient when it comes to the garmz below. And then of course there's the fact that if you don't shop for yourself now then how will you possibly make it through party season?!

You've worked hard this year, treat yourself.


1. Jacket by Topshop - £125

I'm just going to assume you have eyes and therefore don't need me to tell you how amazing this is.

Buy here.

2. Dress by Twin Sister - £68.

Sometimes more is more.

Buy here.

3. Dress by Warehouse - £100

There are a lot of lovely lace pieces on the high street this month (praise be!) but most are in blacks and navy blues. I'm a big fan of injecting a bit of colour into the mix - especially with Christmas appropriate berry tones like these.

Buy here.

4. Jumpsuit by Oh My Love - £59

It's one of those things, you'll never really appreciate how much you needed a velvet jumpsuit until you own one.

Buy here

5. Dress by Oasis - £65

Bored of sparkles and sequins? Keep your party look ultra modern with this babe of a dress. 

Buy here.

6. Top by Topshop - £48

On the other hand if you like sequins as much as me, then even the humble t-shirt should be updated to shine bright like a diamond.

Buy here.

7. Dress by Warehouse - £150

Granted it's not the cheapest high street dress but it really is lovely. Smart enough for winter weddings and 'sophisticated things' as well as suitable for all your usual Christmas party shenanigans. 

Buy here.

8. Dress by Jovonna - £65

For the show stoppers amongst you.

Buy here.

9. Dress by Oasis - £60

There's no hiding from the gothic glamour of this season's Victoriana trend. Oasis is the place to go for the widest range of dresses that fit this devilishly handsome genre.

Buy here.

10. Jumper by Topshop - £46

Listen in people, fringing is NOT just for festivals. Let your woollens get in on the fringed action with a statement jumper like this one from trusty Toppers. 

Buy here.

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