Not to sound corny...

6 October 2015

...but we've done it again! Another year, another magical, spooktactular cocktail collection. Created by the Late Night London mixologists and inspired by the Halloween season, we've come up with your must haves mouthwatering favourites this month.

Starting from October 5th through the 31st our ghostly venues will be bringing an out of this world cocktail collection to blow your mind. 

Candy corn anyone? No, no, not the candy alone. Who has only the candy corn anymore? Not us. That’s so last year. Shake that candy routine up with a generous splash of alcohol and sip on the fine martini creation that is 'Not to sound corny but...' Okay, we know the name is cheesy, but we promise the drink is (candy) corny. 

Or perhaps you'd like a 'Toil and Trouble' to share with your mates? Served in a cauldron, this is a cracking choice. We’ll be over here sipping and pretending we’re in Professor Snape’s potions class. (We wish).

And you’d be absolutely foolish if you didn’t have your daily dose. Naturally we’re talking about a shot. The ‘Trouble Shooter’ truly may provoke a bit of naughty behavior, especially when you knock back a couple of these babies, you may just be reminiscent of a vampire. But more likely a zombie. 

It’s okay, you can blame the hangover as your fancy dress costume. 

The Editor

The Editors

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