10 Reasons We Love Autumn

16 September 2015

We love autumn. It allows us opportunities full of potential to be as ‘basic bitch’ as possible. There’s nothing we love more than an oversized knit jumper, knee high boots and a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte, am I right?

So hands up to the basic bitches who can’t help but fall in love with London in the autumn. *Bolts hand into the air*

1. Jackets

Ditch the florals and flip flops because London loves a good autumn jacket. Does a Burberry trench mean happiness? Why yes, yes it does. 

2. Layering
It’s all about that layer. Tights. Giant knitted jumpers. High boots. Might as well create your Pinterest board now.

3. Falling Leaves
So scenic. It’s that time of year when London takes on a beautiful autumn hue, and don’t those falling leaves look majestic. Hyde Park is for long walks in the leaves. 

4. Starbucks
You know where we’re going with this. Pumpkin. Spice. Latte. Hopefully they spelled your name correctly, but it doesn’t really matter, because PSL! 

5. Cosy Alcohols
What? You caught me drinking on a Monday night. I’m just sipping on mulled wine and baileys to, erm, warm up. *cough*

6. Comfort Food
All the food gets a lot more wholesome, say ‘goodbye’ to quinoa and salad and ‘hello’ to delicious heaty stews and sweet potato mash. Mac and cheese is your new afternoon snack dinner, we mean dinner. So forget the diet and start indulging in Autumn goodness. 

7. Hiding under the Duvet
In summer we don’t have excuses to crawl under the duvet and umm stay there forever and ever. In the summer, you have to get up and go to yoga.  Blah. Well, the cooler mornings give us full license to grab a cuppa and maybe take a nap.

8. The Clocks to Back
More time in bed. 

9. Christmas is Coming!
Or Chanukkah. Either way, the festive spirit is strong. Right after Halloween, everything is red, green and gold, and elves and Santas are popping up all over the city. Winter Wonderland. Selfridges’ Windows. Candy Canes. I could literally go on all day. 

10. Instagram
Ain’t no filter like the nature of autumn. Hashtag Basic.

The Editor

The Editors

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