60 Seconds With Chloe

11 September 2015

We'd like to cordially invite you to meet the team behind the party. Meet Chloe Abou Ghosn from Late Night London's Meetings & Events team.

What excited you to work for Late Night London?

The strategy behind building a brand portfolio has always interested me as a Business Management student. I have always wanted to work in a company with a large brand portfolio. What excited me about Late Night London was that it is the central sales unit behind all 45 different venues. This meant that when coming into work in the morning I knew that I would be working on a totally new event which makes the job so exciting and differentiated- everyday is a new day!

How do you think the events industry will evolve over the next 5 years?

The event’s industry is fast moving and innovative. Many of the enquires I have received indicate clients are very interested in quirky venues rather than your traditional bar/restaurant. For example, many clients have requested themed venues. The great thing about Late Night London is that it is constantly updating its venues and investing into capex projects to ensure that all of our venues are evolving with the events industry so that we lead the market. 

Additionally, clients want an experience rather than just a service. Adding an experience to each event we hold will ensure that the event is differentiated and our clients will remember us for that. Late Night London are a great example of how to successfully add an experience to a service.  For example, many of our venues now not only conduct Cocktail Making classes, but also Gin/Whiskey/Wine tasting.  

If you hadn’t gone into the event’s industry, what would you have done?

I would have wanted to become a clinical psychologist, I loved studying psychology at A-Level, everyday was a new intriguing lesson. My dream job is one where I work with clients directly on a daily basis to help them achieve their final goal. However I am very glad I am in the events industry, I eventually want to be a wedding planner. I could watch a stranger’s wedding and be overjoyed for them!

What might somebody be surprised to discover about you?

Whilst I am not a huge fan of sports (this part wouldn’t be surprising!) I am a huge fan of air rifle shooting. Some people may find this surprising for a girl who is just under 5 foot. I can also speak all Arabic dialect.

Which has been your favourite event to work on since you joined Late Night London?

As I have only joined Late Night London 2 months ago, I have not yet confirmed a huge event (very close however). Nonetheless, I am looking forward to events I have confirmed including a Christmas event with a X-Factor theme and a rugby function with clients coming in from Australia! 

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