The Do’s & Don’ts for the Rugby World Cup

24 September 2015

FEVER. We’ve got the Rugby World Cup fever! It’s all about the match. If you haven’t snapped up tickets yet (we’re sorry) it’s all about where to watch, who to see it with, and what you’re drinking.

But if you’re not a RWC expert, we’ve rounded up our list of do’s and don’ts to see you through the end of October.


Get up and get OUT 
You’re literally sat in this country; you might as well get off the sofa and soak up the atmosphere. Find an incredible venue and make a new best friend (or enemy) to watch the games with. 

Be a Sportsman 
Rugby is a gentleman’s sport. Aggressive on the field, but that’s where they leave it. Players are often known to share a pint with the player who may have just broken their nose for the third time. Now is not the time to hold a grudge. Buy a pint for the opposition supporter. You never know, you may find a new friend (not to mention a place to stay for your next holiday).

Smile for a Selfie 
Alright, we’re encouraging this bad behaviour, but be sure to take a selfie with the score on the screen in the background- be proud of your country winning!

Sing the National Anthem 
It’s a special occasion and there’s nothing we love more than seeing our fine countrymen proudly singing along. We fully embrace the anthem. At your house, at the pub, wherever you may be.


Be a Sore Loser 
We know, it sucks to lose, but don’t spend your days moaning about the try that cost you the game.

Be An Expert 
If you’re not super into rugby, it’s okay to get into the spirit anyways. The World Cup is the time and place for it. If you have a question about the play, ask your mate. Ask the bartender, ask whoever! You may just come away at the end of October knowing more than you ever have before.

Miss Out 
Don’t forget to take advantage of our beer and burger offer at selected venues. It’s a beer and burger for a tenner, so the ultimate win.

The Editor

The Editors

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