#LFW in Soho

20 September 2015

We love a lot of things here at Late Night London. High barstools, strong drinks and dark lighting to name a few, but sometimes, just sometimes we love the lights. We love the cameras. And we love the action. Most importantly of all, we certainly LOVE Soho.

For the first time, London Fashion Week has moved from Somerset to Soho. And in between cocktails, we can’t wait to start spotting the new trends, styles and celebrities. Get ready for bold attitudes, eyebrows and glamour to takeover this quirky pocket of London. With the back to back shows, the social media and fashion on point 24/7, we know you’re going to want to sneak away for a cheeky drink or two. Hey, we won’t tell!

Why not pop into Scarlet’s in Covent Garden, just on the cusp of the fashion heels of Soho? You’ll be able to grab a table and kick back a couple of signature Lavender Loves with your label loving mates. An elegant and floral cocktail, the Lavender Love is created by shaking Grey Goose L’Citron vodka with white peaches, a touch of lavender and pomegranate juice. Perfect for time in between the catwalks.

Or maybe Bar Soho will tickle your fancy? Capturing all that's fabulous about the 'Old Soho' lifestyle in a modern and daring fashion, Bar Soho is the place to party. From gaudy circus extravaganza to sexy, sensual and seductive, it’s your LFW nightly escape. 

Our other favourites include Grace Bar where you can soak up the Bitter Summer, A trio of Italian apertifs – Campari, Aperol & Galliano shaken with fresh lemon & sugar. We know we’re celebrating the arrival of autumn, so let’s just be a little bit bitter about it with the Bitter Summer, shall we?

Lastly, this show stopping venue is perfect for LFW. The Shadow Lounge is for those who are looking for one hell of a good night. The gay members club is the epitome of LFW fun, and we happen to know that an after party or two will be held here… Be sure to get tickets while they last!

So be sure to grab your camera and get ready to Instagram your life for the next week. 

Welcome to Soho #LFW. 

The Editor

The Editors

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