There's A New Tiger...

8 September 2015

Nights out in London just got absolutely animalistic. Cold drinks mixed to perfection. Pulsing music. Your favourite LBD. A mysterious, but gorgeous stranger who’s caught your attention across the bar… You’ve been here before. It’s déjà vu.

But something is different. The decor? The food and drinks? The people? The venue?

Alright you caught us by the paw. It’s still the eye of the tiger in the eye of central London, but your beloved favourite, Tiger Tiger is definitely no longer the familiar restaurant and bar you’d recognise from the past. With a complete new look and menu to boot, embrace those mysterious feelings, you’re in an entirely new London hotspot.

London’s party reveller favourite is reopening with the addition of the exclusive Haymarket Kitchen and Luxe nightclub. Whether you’re out for a spontaneous Tuesday night, or are ready for a raging weekend with your best friends… we know just the place to turn you from office chic to night freak.

What, too risqué? Or perhaps, maybe the tiger’s got your tongue. 

The Editor

The Editors

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