Surviving When Skint

4 January 2016

Short on cash? Here are 10 ways that Londoners survive in such times... Read on to solve your issues by winning £50k with us

1. Steal toilet paper from the gym. Or on a night out. Hey. We don’t judge.

2. Grocery shopping after 8pm. That doughnut you’ve wanted all day is now yours for 10p from Tesco. Win!

3. Walking. Ugh. Nobody likes walking around London when you can easily hop on the tube. But broke Londoners know the value of walking whenever possible. Might as well cancel that gym membership because you’ll get your five miles a day easy.

4. Using the makeup and perfume in Boots. Leave the house fresh faced. Head into Boots and emerge as a rockstar. You’re simply ‘testing’ the shades.

5. Go on a date and don’t be the guy that wants to go 50/50 on the bill. Sorry not sorry.

6. Charity shops are the new ASOS.

7. Garbage hunting. We never said being broke was pretty.

8. Sell your life away on Ebay! It’s the best way to make a couple of quid for very little effort. Sell that jacket that you HAD TO HAVE but only wore once.

9. Swipe the salt and peppershakers from your local. No shame.

10. Live in the dark. You could swear that candle is all about the ambience, but really it’s all about that ever-growing electric bill.


If all else fails, remember that during the month of January YOU can win £50,000 with Late Night London. So, let’s put that loo roll back.

The Editor

The Editors