5 ways to travel the world with £50k

4 January 2016

Post-holiday blues setting in? It’s time to start thinking about your great escape.

And we mean seriously GREAT. This January we’re giving one person the opportunity of a lifetime. £50,000 cash. No taxes. No restrictions.


With nothing to hold you back, the winner should PROBABLY get their travel plans ready. So we’ve done the hard work on your newfound modes of transport. All you need to do is be the winner or a celebrity and then you can afford these no problemo.


1. Private Plane

Basically cheaper than flying on EasyJet these days, it’s about time you hired out a private plane to get your around to all your destinations. Tickets run for under £10K, and with deals like that you’ve got plenty to spare on the holiday of a lifetime.


2. Hoverboard

OK Marty McFly. Get them before they make them illegal! You can buy them for you and all your mates and become known as the hoverboard posse in London. Obviously this is for all your local travel needs.


3. Yacht

Book yourself a private yacht to sail around the globe! And okay, you’ll probably need a bit more than £50K for this one. But we say max out your credit card and… Make. It. Happen. Caribbean destinations. Perhaps Fiji. It doesn’t really matter as long as you have a sun lounger and a captain to take the wheel.


4. Luxury Train

For the classiest around (and for those who want to pretend they’re on their way to Hogwarts castle) we suggest a Luxury Train journey. For a seriously old world train experience we love the look of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.


5. Ticket to Space

This is your moment! Richard Branson has space on his… spaceship and you’re invited. When tickets first came out, they were at the lowly price of $50,000. Now tickets have jumped slightly to $250,000 (roughly £170,000), but that’s what savings are for. Plus, we expect prices to drop over time so consider it a spaceship deposit.

The Editor

The Editors