What to do with your rubbish Christmas gifts

15 January 2016

Oh the holiday season. We love the time off from work, the sleeping in, spending time with the family and presents.

Yessss, we said it. Presents. Don’t act like you haven’t been waiting forever to be gifted that Michael Kors handbag. FOREVER.


Except sometimes, the gifts aren’t exactly what we had in mind. Sometimes you want to *cough* return all the rubbish things you were given. Yes, we’re looking at you Aunt Susan. No, that is not the scarf that I’ve always wanted. Cash and gift cards people! Cash. And. Gift cards.


So, we’ve got your post-holiday plan of action on what to do with all those absolutely horrific prezzies.


Sell it!

We’re all strapped for cash in January, so now’s the time to sell! Take a hint from Steve Carrell in The 40-Year-Old-Virgin, and get on eBay! This time next year, you’ll be a millionaire.


Regift, regift, regift

Are you in the middle of a feud with a friend? Time to kill them with kindness with a regift.


Donate it

We’ll take off our sarcastic hat for a minute; this is the option to guarantee you on the nice list for next Christmas. Donate what you don’t want to those in need. And selfishly, don’t we all feel good when we help others?



If all else fails and you’re stuck with your rubbish Christmas gifts, we’re here for you. A strong cocktail *might* actually help you love the gifts you’re stuck with. Treat yourself to one of our champagne cocktails at Mabel’s in Covent Garden… a bubbly glass of The Elderflower will cure your blues.  

The Editor

The Editors