the ultimate cheapskate

16 February 2016

We may have just had our payday weekend but um, after partying and paying our bills we’re back to being skint. Oops.

So we’re making life a little bit better by helping you be the best (broke) Londoner you can be.

Here’s how to be an ultimate cheapskate in London

Start dating on Tinder

Oh you’re already in a relationship? It’s okay, you go for the free food and booze.

You turn up for samples

It’s not sample sales that are in your future. We’re talking FREE samples. Yes, the man standing with the try does recognise you each time. But will he call you out for it? Nah.

Looking for an afternoon out?

Get cultured! Yes, gone are the days of extravagant brunching (soz). Grab a pal and hit up London’s finest…. Museums. Most are free to get into and have tours that you can go on. You’ll save money AND get smarter. Win win.

Markets are your friends

Cheap food and drinks? Sign us up. Borough Market is prime for grabbing niche treats for a couple of quid. Coffee and croissants on the cheap anyone? YUP.

Be a student

Channel your inner 21 Jump Street and PRETEND TO BE A STUDENT (or you know, actually be a student). Students get discounts on everything those lucky SOBs. From clothes to food to discounted memberships. Either enrol in a part time class or make BFFs with a student and snag their discount. No, we’re not above it. Not one bit.

Become a model

A hair model… Yes. If you don’t value your precious locks too much then check out hairdressers that offer discounted services so that their students can practise using your hair. There are so many in London Live on the edge. The blade. You know.

And hey, if these don’t tickle your budget conscious brain, remember that this month Late Night London are making your broke in London wishes come true with fantastic offers. £100 bar tab for only £50? Sign us UP!

The Editor

The Editors