Countdown to Summer

17 March 2016

You might have noticed your commute getting a bit brighter… gone are the cold winter days. SUMMER IS COMING.

It’s a weird feeling to bust out the sunnies after they’ve been in hibernation for so long, but we’re ecstatic for their return. We’re talking outdoor pubs. We’re talking holidays in the sun. We’re talking gaining our London life back.


Here’s what we can’t wait for this summer:


Ice cream trucks

Because obviously.


Vitamin D

ALL THE SUN!! (You know, along with the inevitable rain)


Everything floral

The parks are pretty and London somehow smells better. Kind of.


Drinks outside at the pub

Need we say more?


Picnics in Hyde Park

Pop open a bottle and grab your favourite sandwiches from M&S.



Outdoor music, dancing and all the colours/glitter imaginable.



Just everything about them screams amazing Snapchat story, are we right?



We all book a summer holiday. Get planning now to get yourself to the Spanish sun.


Of course, if you want to get your summer on early, we’ve got our alcoholic ice lollies in venues. Head over to Scarlet’s or Mabel’s for Grey Goose and Lemon, Gin and Tonic and Mojito pops!


Now hurry up world, rotate faster so we can enjoy our summer! 

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The Editor

The Editors