The Most Talked About City in the Twittersphere

23 March 2016

In other shocking news to hit the World Wide Web, London has been officially named the top talked about holiday destination in the world.

The words ‘London’ and ‘travel’ were tweeted together more than 630,000 times in 2015. We should proudly mention that this is 200,000 more than New York, which placed second in the Twittersphere.


Better think twice about booking that pricey holiday now, eh?


This isn’t exactly news to us because we all know London’s the best and we’ve got the top ten reasons why:


1. London Eye

The best views throughout London, every Londoner has at some point taken a visitor or relative up in this baby. And while we all smugly think we’re too good for a ride around the wheel, we still Instagram that view like there’s no tomorrow.


2. Soho

Our nightlife mecca. Soho is the central place to party and with our fantastic hotspots like Bar Soho you’re always going to have a great time. Plus, we kind of live for the happy hour from 5-8pm.


3. This one’s for the foodies

While some may disagree, English food is definitely the best because it inherently celebrates food from EVERYWHERE. Take a trip to any market and you’ll find cuisine from every inch across the globe. From curries to pizzas, to Michelin star dining, there’s something for every foodie.


4. TFL

So it’s a bloody nightmare waiting an extra two minutes for the Northern line, but the TFL is actually one of the best transport systems. Just good luck finding a seat.


5. Showtime

Whether you’re searching for something a bit underground in Camden or a show in the centre of London you’re spoiled for choice. Catch a last-minute midday show or rock up to one that kicks off at 2am. It’s London and the music scene is your Oyster.


6. Walk the walk

The fashion scene is incredible. Venture from Shoreditch hipster style through to central and then West End and you’ll see how the city shapes itself. If your style is quirky or if you’re chic there’s a strong chance you’ll make it into a blogger’s street style guide.  


7. Cheers mate

Yes we’ll admit it, we live for the weekend and post work drinks. It’s our time for a mini vacay in itself, right? You can venture from East to West and North to South in the blink of an eye. Start in the city at an iconic scene, the base of the Gherkin with The Sterling and end your night getting raucous and loud at Piccadilly Institute.


8. Lights, camera, action

London is home to all kinds of film action. Whether you’re scoping out a spot to see celebs walking the red carpet at the latest premiere or you happen to walk across a film set, its par for the course.


9. Sights

We’ve covered the London Eye, but it’s the additional sight-seeing that keeps us in awe. We may have walked past Parliament and Big Ben hundreds of times, but every now and then we stop and take a moment to appreciate the view. Or heading to Borough Market, where you can see The Shard in all its glory.


10. Because its home

We’re a little biased – OK, we’re entirely 100% biased, but hey, it’s London, it’s our home and truth be told, it doesn’t get any better than that.



The Editor

The Editors