You know it’s spring in London when…

24 March 2016

Welcome to spring! The mornings are bright, the nights are getting long and OMG we can’t believe it’s the first week of spring.

We’ve seen the sun at least twice this week so far and worn a skirt for the first time in months. MONTHS PEOPLE.

If you can’t tell, we’re kind of a teeny bit excited about the arrival of spring.

We’re ready for the fashion, the flavour, and the springtime nightlife to come alive again.

And you know its spring in London when…

1. You see flower lined streets – Don’t act like you don’t Snapchat your walk

2. The markets are crowded again – Walking down Portobello Road in the springtime with an iced-coffee in hand and… battling the crowds of people who’ve now come out of the winter shadows. Let me find my random piece of semi destroyed furniture in peace please.

3. You start ordering all the sweet, sweet cocktails – There’s nothing quite like perfecting your flatlay Instagram pic of a Lavender Love cocktail from Mabel’s. No more hot toddys for us!

4. The immediate change in clothes – For horrible spring rain? Our Hunter boots and pastel mac jackets are dragged out from the depths of our closets. On the nice days, Londoners are sporting all the sunnies, hair in braids and boat shoes. #Fashion 

5. London misery disappears – Is it just us, or does everyone seem happier? Your usual miserable bus driver almost cracked a smile as you said hello. What, you don’t say hello on the bus…?

6. Everyone and their mother are booking their summer hols – Could travel prices BE any higher? We’re on the cusp of warm, dare we say it, hot weather, so we all start requesting off the same few weeks over the summer. It’s a battle for who submits their time off first. Bring it on Karen.

7.  The parks get cray cray – Yep. All winter long you jogged through the misery that was Hyde Park. Now, all of a sudden you’ve found yourself running in a jogging crew of overly energetic runners at 6am. 

The Editor

The Editors