Best Musicals to See in London this Spring

13 April 2016

London’s West End is awash with internationally acclaimed shows any time of year. But we believe there is no better time to see a musical than the spring and summer months.

The sun is shining, coats are slowly becoming obsolete and it’s still daylight at 7pm. If that’s not enough to make you want to sing and dance in the street, what is?

Here are the London musicals we’re most looking forward to seeing in spring 2016.


Where: Savoy Theatre

When: Booking through to March 2017

With a cast headed up by none other than our Glee favourite Amber Riley, Dreamgirls is an empowering feel-good spectacle from the first act to the last. Set in a poignant time in American music history, it follows the career path of a daring female vocal trio as they discover the cruelty and glamour of the music biz.

If the show’s moving songs have you on a roll afterwards, why not head round the corner to Mabel’s Bar & Kitchen or Opal Bar, for a sultry yet sophisticated nightcap.


Where: Piccadilly Theatre

When: Booking through to October 2016

If you think you’ve never heard anything by Frankie Vallie and The Four Seasons, this hit will put you straight. Just four ordinary boys from New Jersey, the band became famous for their dulcet harmonies and hits such as ‘Oh What a Night’, ‘Walk Like a Man’ and ‘Bye Bye Baby’. Follow their story of tumultuous success and enjoy the annoyingly catchy music. We know we will be.

Want to keep the night young for as long as possible? Stop by Grace Bar on Great Windmill St for a pre- (or post-) theatre drink. Private booths are available and there’s even live music on selected nights.


Where: Queen’s Theatre

When: Booking through to October 2016

Who seriously doesn’t love this poetically crafted masterpiece famed for bringing the French revolution into a whole new light? Even those less than thrilled with this musical will usually still find themselves belting out its tunes a little later on. Whether you’re a fan of the original music or only have eyes for Hugh Jackman,  this is one theatre classic you’d be crazy to miss.

Enjoy a relaxed drink before the show in one of Bar Soho’s exquisite private boots, or head to Leicester Square’s Ruby Blue Bar for some inspired karaoke and extravagant cocktails.


Where: Lyceum Theatre

When: Booking through to October 2016

Who can deny the extravagance and beauty of The Lion King? Not just for kids, The Lion King stage show provides everything we could ever want from a musical, and possibly even life. Bright colours, uplifting music, breathtaking scenery and impressive’ll leave feeling refreshed, energised, and empowered. Oh, and you may just cry a little bit. Don’t say we didn’t try to warn you.

Carry on the evening at Covent Garden’s Scarlet’s Bar, where you’re enjoy enthusing about the production over a couple of delectable cocktails.


Where: Shaftesbury Theatre

When: Booking through to February 2017

Fans of motown will adore a whole musical that’s dedicated to its emergence. With plenty of flamboyance, fun, laughter and of course dancing, this is a serious mood-boosting performance. If you’re not shimmying out of the theatre later to hits like ‘Dancing In The Street’ and ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’, you’re doing it wrong.

Keep the feel-good flowing by heading to Foundation Bar on Langley St after the show. There you’ll find all kinds of cocktails in intriguing vessels and a number of unique spaces to rest or party, It’s your choice.

The Editor

The Editors