Craziest Fancy Dress in the London Marathon

28 April 2016

26 miles sounds oh so very far,

But every year tens of thousands of fitness fanatics take to the capital’s streets to tackle the tough feat and thousands more watch from the side lines and from home.

Obviously the huge attraction is that most runners are doing it for a great cause however the annual event is equally famous for its unusual world record attempts and fancy dress costumes!

So here at LNL we have picked out our top 5 craziest moments/fancy dress outfits of past and present:


#5 Three Legged Marathon

Two best friends opted to run the marathon in tandem with one of their legs tied together… as if it wasn’t tough enough!


#4 Can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man

One runner took the rhyme a little too seriously, by dressing like the Gingerbread Man. Feel like a few people may have caught him…


#3 Jurassic Park is REAL

You really need to watch out for the T-Rex. No matter how big and brave you think you are, if this guy comes running near you… well you’re ready to freak out. Where’s  Chris Pratt when you need him?


#2 The Lobster

One runner opted for a crustacean themed outfit and went head to toe in it… someone should’ve told him it was running not swimming. Awks.


#1 Phillip the Box

Phillip decided to run the marathon with a tumble dryer strapped to his back. Surely he could’ve waited till he got home to dry his clothes.

So there you have it our top 5 craziest moments/outfits from years gone by at the London Marathon.

Now we know that all of this talk about marathoning is serious business and at Late Night London we really do love a marathon. The endurance, the stamina, well we happen to love our marathon bar crawls.

So, in honour of the London Marathon, we’ve put together our own marathon map of our central venues for the ULTIMATE marathon night.

Start in…

1. Mabel’s for a round of prosecco.

2. Move onto Scarlet’s for a round of Ginchello cocktails, complete with Bombay gin shaken with limoncello, homemade redcurrant syrup, lychee purée and supercharged with Italian Prosecco. YES PLEASE.

3. Get your booty over to Piccadilly Institute for a wild party on the dance floor.

4. Hit up Strawberry Moons for EPIC Happy Hour on the weekend from 5-9pm.

5. Get down in the dark at Foundation’s underground haven in Covent Garden.

6. Stumble back into the London streets at dawn.

The Editor

The Editors