In the Kitchen: A New Start

7 April 2016

Our new Summer food range at our Premium Bar & Kitchen sites, we’re all about exploring explosive freshness and seasonal flavour!

We’re mixing things up like never before. We thought we’d sneakily show an exclusive BEHIND the scenes peak of our new menus and photoshoot across our Premium Bar & Kitchen sites. Here goes...


What’s on it? You can expect all things delicious, fresh and seasonal from our menus. Here’s what our chefs are falling head over heels for:

1. BBQ Pulled Pork on Toasted Brioche. Served up with a side of slaw. Perfect for lunch, would you prefer it with a side salad or skin-on chips? Yum.

2. Cauliflower and Broccoli Truffle Mac ‘N’ Cheese. We really don’t need to say more, but we will. It’s brilliant, it’s fantastic. We’d like another order ASAP. 

3. Hot Smoked Salmon and Candy Beetroot Salad. One of our starters, we always love getting our purple veg on, this salad is exactly what you need for springtime. You can never go wrong with smoked salmon or the beautiful candy beetroot. Ever.

4. Wagyu Beef burger complete with Cheddar cheese and bacon jam. Mouthwatering goodness and yeah, this cut of meat is from Yorkshire.

5. Baked Boxed Camembert with cranberry jam and crusty baguette. Basically your segway into Summer, shall we share? Nah, one each please! 

6. Bang Bang Chicken Salad, it does everything is says it does adds a real BANG to a seasonally, fresh and healthy salad. That means I can order dessert right? 


We’re a little bit in love with our menu and we've got to say, a side order of the kale and the skin-on chips really polishes off a fabulous meal nicely.


The new menus are available at the following venues:

The Sterling  BOOK NOW

Abbey   BOOK NOW

The Gable   BOOK NOW

The Gallery  BOOK NOW

The Last   BOOK NOW

The Warwick BOOK NOW

Keep in mind, the menus will vary slightly across our sites as our chefs will tweak to their favourites! 


The Editor

The Editors