Which Gin Twist Are You?

7 April 2016

Hands in the air if you’re super psyched about the extra hour of light each day?!

We’re pleased to announce, it’s officially Gin O’Clock. And before you get started, Gin O’Clock doesn’t have a time, because it’s all the time. It’s anytime. It’s gin time.


But have you ever wondered… if I were a G&T, which would I be? Probably not. But we’re here to let you know how you fare. This April we’ve got a twist on your coveted classic G&Ts. We’re talking a beautiful bottle of Bombay Sapphire mixed with a little somethin’ somethin’ to get you ready for the summer months.


Which G&T fits your personality this April? Are we totally wrong? Are we 100% spot on psychic? You tell us.


We’re all made up of a splash (or LARGE POUR) of Bombay Sapphire, and the rest is up to you…


Are you the…

Raspberry and Basil?

You’re a sweetheart with a bit of an aggressive streak. You’re most likely under 5’3” in height and swear like a sailor. But you tell one helluva good story and your pals love you even when you give them a backhanded compliment. You can’t help your sweet and sour demeanour, so you’re drawn to the classic G&T taste with a teeny bit of sweet raspberry and punchy basil kick.

Thyme is on Our Side?

Duh. We told you it’s always gin o’clock and Thyme really is on your side. And in your drink. This one’s for the later arriver in the group. You know the one. It’s the person you tell the time to meet is a half hour earlier than it actually is because they won’t even meet that deadline. This G&T might be the only instance where they get to sip something where time actually is on their side. Hints of lemon and naturally, well they need all the thyme they can get. 

Blackberry Gin and Tonic?

You’re a classic black and pearls, suit and tie kind of person who lives the straight and narrow Monday through Thursday and then cuts loose like nobody’s business on the weekend. You’ll order a couple too many of these Blackberry G&Ts, miss the last train home and find yourself singing Karaoke on the night bus with a group of strangers. And then it’s back to your tea on Monday morning. You anomaly you.

Tuscan Hills?

The romantic of the crew. You’re dreaming of the rustic hills and wineries in Italy where you’ll undoubtedly meet the love of your life and move there forever escaping London. That cocktail of your choosing is therefore none other than the Tuscan Hills, with a bit of white peach puree, lemon juice, Mediterranean tonic and red fruit. Until that happens, you’ll always have your G&T.


Think we matched you to a (G&) T? Get your sipping on at our Late Night London venues throughout the month of April.

The Editor

The Editors