6 ways to beat the London heat

18 May 2016

Last weekend in London was a scorcher. It was hotter than Ibiza. Hotter than Italy. Hotter than David Beckham (kidding, nothing is hotter than DB).

So while we sat on the bus on the way to the park (seriously, is there anything more torturous than a bus without AC?) We couldn’t help but think up the top 6 ways to beat the London heat this summer.


1. Jump in the pool!

Yes, local public pools totally exist. Who knew? Time Out have compiled the best of the best as they do here: http://www.timeout.com/london/things-to-do/londons-best-swimming-pools. We like the looks of the Serpentine Lido. Oh la la.


2. Rooftop cinemas

It’s night and you can FINALLY cool down. Swap your Netflix for your outdoor cinema life. Just make sure you have something sweet to sip while you nosh on salty popcorn.


3. Drinks anyone?

The obvious answer to cope with the heat? Get tipsy. Yes, seriously. Seek solace in our fabulous venues or venue outdoors to sit outside on a terrace. Either way, we won’t judge and we’re ready with a cocktail in hand. You’re welcome.


4. Find the shade

The obvious choice, but get to the park early to pick out that shady spot under a massive tree. Obviously we expect you to bring a blanket and booze. Plus snacks from Tesco.



So it might not be a boozy lolly, but um we do happen to serve up some dessert dishes that’ll tickle your fancy. We’re looking at YOU chocolate brownie with ice cream and sticky toffee pudding at Core. You beaut.

We totally get it if you want to soak up the rays, but when you’re skin gets redder than an angry Donald Trump, you know where to find us. And um, if you don’t here ya go - 

The Editor

The Editors