Best Dressed at the Met Gala

3 May 2016

Another year, another Met Gala in the books.

Attendee’s donned a range of shiny metallics, cut outs and some opted for a pair of jeans (We’re looking at you Kanye). At Late Night London, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up our favourite looks from the event…


Beyonce with the Good Hair

To be completely honest, we think Beyonce IS Becky with the good hair. She looked absolutely fierce with her nude metallic dress but adding that extra Queen Bey flavour. We love.



T Swift

We can’t get enough of this bright platinum blonde look that Taylor is rocking right now. The chic metallic dress, bold lip and bright hair combo is one of our fun favourites.



Zayn and Gigi

Power couple alert. Zayn really went for the Man AND Machine look with his metallic sleeves. Taking the whole knight in shining armour thing to a very real level. And Gigi can do no wrong.



Kerry Washington

Sporting a Marc Jacobs look, we weren’t totally in love, but we love her, so she really can’t do wrong in our eyes.



Kim and Kanye

They won best dressed by the Met. Seriously.


We’ve been pouring over the metallic goodness of Manus vs Machina and can’t help but love these looks more and more. We know that the Met Gala 2016 theme was Manus vs Machina, but we think we know exactly the type of theme you need to celebrate this weekend Manus vs Weekenda. We know, we’re so clever. But we really are all about the weekend, and we know that you are too.


So ditch those Netflix and chill plans and get yourself out to the bar because it’s a beautiful weekend and you deserve to catch some rays in the sunshine like these gorgeous celebs living the LA dream…. And we definitely suggest you do so at our outdoor bars! 

The Editor

The Editors