Cinco de TEQUILA

5 May 2016

Our favourite tequila memes to celebrate with on May 5th

Happy week of Cinco de TEQUILA. Yes, that’s right our favourite day of the year is here and we are ready to get our drink on.

It’s when we like to pretend we’re far away from London and on a sunny beach in Mexico living the dream. Since we’re not, we thought it would be best to celebrate this very important holiday with what we love best – tequila. We also LOVE to laugh, so here are some tequila memes that make us happy.

And we’d never leave you without a little drink inspo, so here’s where you need to get yourself to celebrate the big 5 on 5.

Core’s Margarita

Ah the classic Margarita. We drink, we love. Including, El Jimador tequila, fresh lime, sugar and triple sec this is the perfect thirst quencher that we can drink far too many of. The story goes that this drink was made in honour of a beautiful woman of the same name. Delicious and mysterious.

Ruby Blue’s Long Island Iced Tea

This is the ULTIMATE in Long Island Iced Tea. It’s a sharer. Perfect for you and your mates to sip in the cinco de sunshine. Made with generous helpings of Eristoff vodka, Bacardi Superior, Beefeater gin, Olmeca Blanco tequila, triple sec, Coca Cola, and lemon. Epic tequila madness.


The Editor

The Editors